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Anarchs Unbound for Vampire: the Masquerade available now!

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[1]Tear down the tyrants!

Paint the streets with the blood of Princes and Archbishops!

With Anarch domains increasing their hold over new territories every night, the Kindred can no longer afford to consider Movement an unruly mob of wayward childer. As the doomed tactics of the past have made way for a sleeker, wiser Anarch Movement, the nights are numbered for outmoded elder vampires and their weak-blooded lackeys.

Anarchs Unbound takes the bomb-tossing, rabble-rousing revolutionaries of the Anarch Movement and updates them as one of the most energetic and fast-growing sects, gaining ground as they use technologies and mortal agents to advance their agendas in the modern nights. With the Movement revitalized, the time is right to tell the stories of the Anarchs as they topple the old regimes and seize praxis with a promise of egalitarian rule and an end to the oppression of centuries best forgotten.

Anarchs Unbound includes:

– An updated look at Anarch culture, which has come into its own during the Internet Age.
– Anarch history and tactics, revealing how the Movement shatters the praxis of other sects and converts domains to Anarch ideology.
– New Disciplines and combination powers, which quickly propagate among the disparate domains of the Movement.

Anarchs Unbound is now available in PDF, ePub and Hardcover formats at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [1]!


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