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Battle for the Undercity available now!

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[1]Battle for the Undercity is a D&D 5th Edition adventure designed for a DM’s use in any Forgotten Realms™ campaign. It was designed and written by writer, editor, and developer Monica Valentinelli, with rules and editing by Scott Holden.

Battle for the Undercity takes place underground in a section of a major city. The party will navigate sewers, worked tunnels, forgotten crypts, and freshly dug passageways to fend off adversaries in order to rescue hostages and return them safely to the surface unharmed. Can your party emerge victorious and save the day?

In this adventure you will find:

* Adventure background and hooks

* Map to the Undercity

* Detailed location guide

* Suggestions to increase and decrease the Challenge Rating

* Advice to customize the adventure to your party

* New! Crimson Coins thieves’ faction and characters

* New! Ten Legs tribe, Goblin Beast-Master, and Beast-Rider monster variants

* New! Corrupted Shield-Guardian monster variant

* New! Ancient Revenant monster variant

This adventure includes three, separate three-to-four hour long missions that can be run in any order, depending upon the needs and composition of your party members. While this was designed as an adventure module for 7th- to 9th-level characters to be run in the recommended timeframe, you will find notes to adjust the missions to increase or decrease their difficulty and length.

Battle for the Undercity is available now in PDF format at DMsGuild.com [1]!

About the author: Monica Valentinelli writes stories, games, essays, and comics for media/tie-in properties and her original works from her studio in the Midwest. Recently, Monica has filled the shoes of lead developer and writer for the line of Firefly RPG books based on the Firefly TV show by Joss Whedon, and has recently announced she is the Hunter: the Vigil 2nd Edition developer for Onyx Path Publishing and White Wolf Publishing. When she’s not obsessing about deadlines, she designs jewelry and dabbles in other artistic endeavors. For more about Monica and her works, visit MLVwrites.com [2].


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