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Berserker 0 Comic Review

Posted By Nancy On July 5, 2010 @ 6:45 am In Comics,Reviews | No Comments

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    With Norse history and mythology as a base, BERSERKER explores the idea of seemingly normal, modern day human beings transforming into merciless killing machines, unable to stop themselves from destroying anyone in their vicinity. They have no knowledge of what’s happening as it occurs, but they are left to deal with the aftermath. Milo Ventimiglia of HEROES is attached to the project.

    This was a very short preview (13 pages) but it’s also a good starting point for the series. In BERSERKER’s first panels we’re introduced to Farris, a soldier that was stationed in Afghanistan and is suffering from PTSD. While reliving his capture by terrorists, it seems that he realizes there is more going on with him than he’s willing to let his therapist know.

    However, this isn’t exactly clear at first. Also, until reading the interview in the last few pages, one may not realize that Farris isn’t the only character whose situation in explored in the comic. Nevertheless, writer Rick Loverd does a good job of pacing the story, creating suspense, and building an important relationship between Farris and fellow solider Clint. While a few minor details are lacking, there are hints of a larger character and story arc. But the preview is clearly all about pulling the reader in with the action, and there’s nothing wrong with a little ultra-violence in fiction.

    The covers by Dale Keown are eye-catching, and the plot is accentuated by the artwork of Jeremy Haun and colors by Dave McCaig. There’s a depth and chaos to the panels that works well for the subject matter, even though the color scheme is limited—which is a good thing because of the desert setting. When things go wrong, as the no doubt do in war, the artwork takes the events to another realm, bringing out the high-octane nature of the situations by using a stark contrast of minimal colors.

    Overall, this was a short but tantalizing preview that foreshadows great things for the BERSERKER comics.

    Review by Nancy O. Greene


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