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Dire: The First Creed of Pandemonium Available Now!

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[1]As the Last War rages, ancient adversaries emerge. But new heroes rise, armed with terrifying abilities and the darkest of magics.

Written by Enrique Cachafeiro, Dire: The First Creed of Pandemonium [1] is a new sourcebook for Dread that expands the Pandemonium Universe into strange new directions. Published by Pandora Peeks Press, this 48-page sourcebook features:

25 mind-bending new spells, including Detritavore, Pinata, Sangrial, Ferialis, Versacrum, Dispater, Actaeon, and Nero.

The Meiga, a new character class. Deformed and inhumane, Meigas wield the powers of demonkind to stalk, hunt, and defile. This power comes at a price, though, because Meigas who can’t learn to control these abilities can lose their humanity, becoming just like the demons that they fight.

The Perfecti, a sinister cadre of malevolent spirits. After a millennium of watching and waiting, they have made their move. Attacking through dreams, visions, and the bodies of their unsuspecting victims, these manipulative entities see the Disciples as a threat to their godhood, and will stop at nothing to bring them down.

The Misericorde, a group of mercenaries who know the truth about the Last War, the armies of Hell, and the Disciples who battle on the front lines. Armed with a potent drug called Sombra Vitae, the Misericorde wage war for the highest bidder — human, demon, or otherwise.

Two new demons, sample characters, an all-new scenario, and more!

Dire: The First Creed of Pandemonium is available today at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [1].

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