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Dying To Live Review

Posted By Flames On April 19, 2007 @ 7:36 pm In Fiction | No Comments

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Written by Kim Paffenroth
Reviewed by Kody Boye

There’s a secret part of Earth that’s hidden to most people, and that place is called Hell. The only problem is that Hell has come to Earth, but in the form of mindless killers that were once human.

Dying To live is not only an intricate novel, but it also makes the reader think. Paffenroth is very intelligent in the way he tells a story, especially how he uses the way people think and react to a situation to make the characters seem more real. He does this by creating Jonah Caine, and by telling his story in first-person.

First-person novels are usually more dramatic, but not a lot of people read them because they get confused with the way the writer is trying to interpret the way the character is acting. There’s a hidden part in the first-person genre that’s hard to crack open and spill open its contents, but Paffenroth does it well. He makes sure to keep the reader entertained while telling his version of the end of the world, and this way, he makes the read excellent.

So, are you Dying To Live?

Reviewer: Kody Boye

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