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Arkham Horror: Ghouls of the Miskatonic from Fantasy Flight Games

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[1]Experience the horrors of a haunted New England city in the 1920s! Set in the Lovecraftian universe of our bestselling Arkham Horror board game, the Arkham novels transport you into a world torn apart by tough times and the awakening Ancient Ones! Follow iconic characters such as Jacqueline Fine and Oliver Grayson as they strive to not only understand the mysterious events happening through the city of Arkham, but save all mankind from unspeakable evil and terrible doom.

Ghouls of Miskatonic: Book 1 of the Dark Waters Trilogy

Something dark sleeps deep in the ocean, emanating a power darker and more destructive than anything imaginable. And there are those that would wish to wake it…

From Fantasy Flight Games comes a gripping tale of mystery, suspense, and horror! Set in the popular world of the Arkham Horror board game, Ghouls of the Miskatonic is the first book of The Dark Waters Trilogy. Following the mysterious deaths of several young ladies, a wide cast of familiar faces from the Arkham Horror board game begin an exciting and terrifying new investigation.

From the pen of New York Times Bestselling author Graham McNeill, Ghouls of the Miskatonic [1] begins a thrilling story in the renowned setting created by H.P. Lovecraft. Fans of games and literature alike will be immersed in the frightening secrets that lie beneath The Dark Waters.

Arkham Horror: Ghouls of the Miskatonic is now available in eBook formats at DriveThruFiction.com [2] and the Flames Rising RPG Shop [1]!

Also available now from Fantasy Flight Games:

Android: Free Fall [3] by William H. Keith

A thin, warm drizzle was falling through air so humid I felt like I was drowning. I put my vid away and looked around. Buildings towered like canyon walls on all sides, some alive with animated graphics fifty meters high, most of them lit with neon and holo-ads. It was well past midnight, but even in daytime the sun rarely made it to the streets this deep in the city. Down here, the illumination came from the pulsing LED light displays and animated projections no matter what time it was.

From Fantasy Flight Publishing comes a story of murder and conspiracy in a dystopian future! Free Fall is the first novel based on Fantasy Flight Games’s Android, conveying a futuristic world of technology and corruption. This rich universe is masterfully brought to life by New York Times Bestselling author William H. Keith, winner of the H.G. Wells Award and multiple Origins awards, and the celebrated author of over 150 novels, short stories, and other published works.

Fireborn: Embers of Atlantis [4] by Tracy Hickman

Powerful scions walk the streets of modern London, oblivious to their true nature. Unknowingly, they carry within them the spirits of reincarnated dragons from an age of high fantasy. As magic begins to emerge once more in the 21st century, long-dormant memories begin to flood the minds of these scions, reminding them of their mystical heritage. Welcome to the world of Fireborn.

Embers of Atlantis is the first novel based on the acclaimed Fireborn roleplaying game setting. Written by New York Times bestselling author Tracy Hickman (Dragonlance Chronicles), Embers of Atlantis introduces readers to a modern world faced with the sudden emergence of magic.

Tannhäuser: Rising Sun, Falling Shadows [5] by Robert Jeschonek

MacNeal’s hand shot up, and his commandos froze. He started to give the signal to form on Fireteam Alpha. But before he could finish the signal, he heard more gunfire from a different direction. This time, it was coming from nine o’clock, from the vicinity of Fireteam Charlie. MacNeal, who only moments ago had imagined he was taking a nature hike in Maine, switched smoothly into warrior mode.

Rising Sun, Falling Shadows is a novel by Robert Jeschonek and based in the war-torn alternate history of Tannhäuser. This gripping tale brings fan-favorite characters vividly to life, while drawing newcomers into a war-torn world where science and the supernatural clash to determine the fate of humanity.

In the midst of perpetual war, a far-eastern warrior sect with a shadowy agenda has set out toward the evergreen peninsula of Kamchatka. Can Union Major John McNeal and the elite soldiers of the 42nd Marines stop their sinister plot before it’s too late? And what terrible powers lie hidden in the verdant wilderness? The race is on to discover ancient secrets that could finally bring the Great War to its climactic end!


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