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Head Shot! Zombie Apocalypse Action Roleplaying

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[1]When the dead return, hungry for brains, smart folk know that the only way to stay alive is to stick together.

This Cortex Plus ACTION ROLEPLAYING hack focuses on the Player Characters as a team of survivors, thrown together by circumstance and working together to make it in a world overrun by zombies of many different varieties. There are only three things they have to do: (1) scrounge for resources, (2) avoid antagonistic survivors that want to steal their stuff, and (3) when they inevitably run into a horde of zombies…go for a HEAD SHOT!

HEAD SHOT! is not a standalone game! It uses the ACTION ROLEPLAYING flavor of Cortex Plus, found on pages 116-154 of the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide [2].

In this hack, you’ll find:

– An introduction to the Zombie Apocalypse of your own creation!
– Full details on creating Player Characters (AKA “Survivors”).
– New and variant Attributes, Distinctions, Specialties, Signature Assets, and 37 new or modified Talents.
– New framing devices and mechanics for Missions that force the Survivors to brave the zombie hordes to scrounge up supplies, help other folks out, and otherwise put themselves in danger.
– The Viral Pool, a pool of difficulty dice that also feature mechanisms for generating random encounters and hazards!
– A huge variety of zombies, including 4 main types and 5 variants that you can mix and match, plus all the rules for creating zombies of varying mechanical complexity.
– Voodoo zombies, a completely different take on zombies both mechanically and story-wise.
– An entire chapter of antagonists (gangs, cults, psychopaths, bandits), environmental hazards, and wild animals that may threaten Survivors who are lucky enough to sneak past the zombie hordes.
– Tips for stealing these rules and ideas for other flavors of Cortex Plus, such as Dramatic and Heroic.
Are you ready to brave a world overrun by the walking dead?

Head Shot! Zombie Apocalypse Action Roleplaying is now available in PDF format at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [1]!


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