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Initiates of The Art Review

Posted By Flames On December 12, 2004 @ 10:32 pm In RPGs | No Comments

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Initiates of The Art
Written by Lynn Davis, Lindsay Woodcock
Developed by Jess Heinig
White Wolf Game Studio

Cover and Art

As in cover and art, Initiates of The Art is a below average book, 87 pages with supplementary characters and paper back. The art of book is considerably less qualified than other mage books.

Whats in the book?

If you are looking for tens of new rotes and tons of cool rules for initiates you are looking for the wrong place. Initiates of the art consist of stories and dialogs as if It has been written by a group of mage. You can also trace two characters from Initiates of The Art to Masters of The Art, Lee Ann and the kid called Kyle. Other character of notice is Sir Lawrence.

You can find some practical uses of low-level spheres as well as character creation for initiates with some new merits more over this book sheds a light upon the philosophy of the magic to the core which makes this book a must be to your collection.

This book gives a lot of information to the life of an initiate and shows us how initiates get acquainted or meet with their mentors. What are their problems? The book also offers certain solutions to make an apprentice game better and more fun as well.


Despite the fact that this book has bad art and thin for its price, it has a certain point of view to the world of an initiate and a must be in your collection.

Reviewer: Jean De Blacque

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