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Iron Kingdoms and Warmachine tales arrive at DriveThruFiction!

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Privateer Press has recently begun uploading a number of eBook novels and anthologies based on their Iron Kingdoms and Warmachine games to DriveThruFiction.com [1]. Previously Privateer Press had made the PDFs of the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy [2] RPG and select supplements available at DriveThruRPG.com [3].

This represents Privateer Press’ first foray into selling their Skull Island Expeditions imprint’s fiction titles on the DriveThru sites. A few of the newly available titles include:

Tales from the Monsternomicon: Extraordinary Zoology

    [4]Professor Viktor Pendrake is a legend in his own time and is the foremost expert in extraordinary zoology. His research demands he place himself in peril to directly observe and interact with his subjects, a peril his assistants must endure as well.

    Bookish Lynus Wesselbaum is the picture of a scholar-in-training whose days are often spent sifting through the vast stacks of tomes within Corvis University. Yet Lynus has earned his place as Professor Pendrake’s senior assistant professor, having accompanied his mentor in the field and survived countless encounters with the most dangerous flora and fauna of western Immoren. Lynus is fortunate to be joined by Edrea Lloryrr, a young but eminently capable Iosan arcanist who also assists Pendrake and brings a unique perspective. When word comes of a new menace plaguing the remote villages around Corvis, both Lynus and Edrea find themselves swept up with Pendrake in an adventure that will force them to confront a primeval force of absolute destruction.

    Called to Battle: Volume One

      [5]The Iron Kingdoms is a land dominated by mighty warcasters, arcanists who command the terrifying war machines called warjacks. While these epic figures lead armies and shape the futures of their nations, other powerful individuals, no less skilled, forge their own destinies in steam and steel.

      Called to Battle [5] is a collection of stories focused on the Iron Kingdoms’ unsung heroes, its skilled mercenaries, and even the horrifying villains who haunt its darker reaches. Track a target through the frozen north with Kell Bailoch, a deadly sharpshooter who kills for the highest bidder; hunt down a group of corrupted human magic users with Narn, a merciless Iosan mage hunter; uncover a sinister sabotage plot with Arlan Strangewayes, Cygnar’s premier arcane mechanik; and endure a terrifying journey into the mind of General Gerlak Slaughterborn, a monstrous blighted trollkin with a penchant for devouring his enemies whole and screaming.

      These stories draw you deeper into the wartorn landscape of western Immoren and the Iron Kingdoms, where heroes, villains, and those somewhere in between find themselves Called to Battle.

      The No Quarter Collection: Volume One

        [6]For nearly a decade No Quarter magazine has published rousing fiction set in the Iron Kingdoms, expanding the stories of existing characters and introducing new ones to WARMACHINE and HORDES players. The No Quarter Collection series gathers these stories, some long out of print, and offers them in a single, easy-to-read format.

        The No Quarter Collection: Volume One [6] contains stories that take readers across the continent of western Immoren…and beyond. Join warcaster Phinneus Shae as he leads the mutiny that transforms him into an infamous pirate; travel down a cold and lonely road with a group of Illuminated Ones as they escort a most dire cargo, the ancient necromantic blade known as the Witchfire, to a place of safekeeping it may never reach; and delve into the mind of an Iosan soulless whose terrible curse proves to be the salvation for his fellow countrymen.

        These tales and more will immerse you in the exciting world of steam-powered fantasy that is the Iron Kingdoms.

        Through the Darkness: The Story of Machinations

          [7]Fear breeds the unlikeliest of allies . . .

          The mercenary Rutger Shaw doesn’t have many friends, but to the ones he’s earned he’s loyal to the death. That’s just what his partner Taryn di la Rovissi is afraid of, and it’s one reason she’s not thrilled when Rutger dodges another contract so they can help out his old Steelhead captain, Brunner Ainsworth. Together with Brunner, Rutger and Taryn join a Highborn army and march to liberate the Llaelese town of Dunlyf from Khadoran oppressors. Yet the mercenary force finds Dunlyf deserted, with no sign of its people or what happened to them and its buildings strangely intact.

          When Brunner’s squad goes missing as well, Rutger and Taryn’s search leads them to stumble across an old enemy, Harlan Versh, a zealous witch hunter and member of the infamous Order of Illumination. It soon becomes clear that a mysterious evil is plaguing this region and Harlan Versh may be able to help the mercenaries track down their friend and the missing people of Dunlyf. A tenuous alliance is struck, and Rutger, Taryn, and Harlan Versh begin to uncover clues that point to a vast and deadly threat lurking beneath their feet.

          These and more Iron Kingdoms tales from Privateer Press [1] are now available at DriveThruFiction.com [1]!


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