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Judge Dredd: Year One rolls into Mega-City One

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Three acclaimed Dredd writers – Carroll, Ewing and Smith – take you back to Judge Dredd’s first year on street in this collected edition of novellas, which marks the start of a brand new series from Abaddon Books that follows the beginning of the infamous Judge’s career: Judge Dredd: Year One

[1]Mega-City One, 2080. Judge Joe Dredd’s first year as a full-eagle Judge. Bred for justice, trained in law, Dredd’s no helpless rookie, but he’s not the seasoned veteran we know either. Three tales follow the first adventures of the future city’s greatest lawman. With an introduction by the Mighty Tharg!


The brutal murder of a Justice Department-sanctioned spy uncovers something new and dangerous in the sector’s murky black market. Unless Dredd can stop it, chaos will be unleashed.


A savage killing spree results in the deaths of two highly-regarded Judges, and many consider Dredd to be responsible: a decision he made five years earlier – while he was still a cadet – has come back to haunt him.


“Wear iron, that’s the rule.” Paul Strader is a stick-up man, and a stone cold professional. But when he gets in over his head, he has to risk everything on the word of a corrupt lawman and break every rule he has. Every rule but one…

Judge Dredd: Year One is available now in eBook formats at DriveThruFiction.com [1]!

But it’s not just Dredd who is returning to his origins; in an exclusive new e-Novella from Alec Worley we’re also travelling back to the streets of Mega-City One with Psi-Judge Anderson: Judge Anderson: Rookie Hearthbreaker

[2]Mega-City One, 2100 AD. Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson’s first year on the streets as a full-Eagle Judge.

After a string of apparently random, deadly assaults by customers at Meet Market – Mega-City One’s biggest, trashiest dating agency – Anderson is convinced a telepathic killer is to blame. Putting her career on the line, the newly-trained Psi-Judge goes undercover to bring the murderer to justice.

She’ll have to act fast. Mega-City One’s annual huge, riotous Valentine’s Day Parade is fast approaching, and the killer has a particularly grand gesture planned…

Judge Anderson: Rookie Hearthbreaker is available now in eBook formats at DriveThruFiction.com [2]!

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