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Little Nightmares – Iron Wind Metals

Posted By Billzilla On November 20, 2008 @ 8:45 am In Other Games | No Comments

Our next contestant is Iron Wind Metals. Rising from the ashes of the fallen Ral Partha Miniatures, Iron Wind first began cranking out miniatures in 1999. Since then they’ve attempted to resurrect many of the figures for which they became famous in the 1980s and 90s, but have so far found little success getting their re-tooled fantasy lines into stores. Ordering online might be your only option to acquire these beauties, but check your favourite local game store first; they may be willing to special order Iron Wind Metals miniatures for you.

The miniatures we’ll be looking at come from several different product lines. As usual, I will list the miniatures by name, stock code, and by MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). I try to include the sculptor’s name whenever possible; credit where credit is due, after all.

First up we have the Headless Horseman, sculpted by Steve Saunders (IWM01-211; $8.95) from the Horrors and Undead line. This miniature calls to mind the character from the most recent film adaptation of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The scale of the horse and rider is just a touch off, as the horse looks a little small by comparison; still, it works well enough, and the detailing on the Horseman’s armor is very nice.

Also from the Horrors and Undead line is this simple yet effective Wraith by Tom Meier. (IWM01-030; $4.75) This figure is a true classic, having been first created during the early days of D&D – roughly the late 1970s. Still around from that time and still creeping people out despite a somewhat wooden pose, this figure features a nicely draped cloak and is a must for every well-stocked dungeon.

Next, from the Monsters and Encounters line, we have an excellent pack of Familiars (IWM01-020; $$6.95) created by Richard Kerr. Included in this set of eleven figures is one each of the following: Brownie, Imp, hawk, owl, crow, toad, cat weasel, Pseudo-dragon, rat and Quasit. The variety is wonderful and the sculpts are decent for such small figures. This pack is well worth the price.

Also from Monsters and Encounters we have one of my all-time favourite miniatures, the Weretiger (IWM01-003; $4.75), also by Tom Meier. The detail on this figure’s oriental-looking garments is first rate; painting this figure, particularly with inks or washes, will be a joy and the results will be very rewarding.

Another from the Monsters and Encounters line, Mushroom Men, (IWM01-046; $8.25) sculpted by Steve Saunders, may not seem particularly horrific, but think of them actively trying to create dead matter for their village to feed on and suddenly they aren’t so cute! These guys come four to a pack; one pointy-headed Mushroom Man and three with flat-tops.

For some scenic appeal, we have Lost Graveyard I (IWM06-012; $11.95) and Lost Graveyard II (IWM06-013; $11.95). Each includes a variety of headstones, all nicely detailed and some looking quite unusual, these are perfect for dressing up a base or for stocking a fantasy or historical cemetery terrain board.

Sculpted by Brady Bugge, both packs are completely different, so don’t think you’ll get short-changed by buying one of each.

Last but not least, we have two packs from Iron Wind’s Kung Fu Theater line. Besides lots of buff-looking martial artists we have two packs of undead: Undead Warriors (IWM04-304; $7.95) and Undead Warriors II (IWM04-305; $7.95). Both are by Steve Saunders, and both packs feature handsomely sculpted pairs of skeletal samurai that will add a welcome Oriental touch to your campaign. Ready to do their master’s bidding, these guys look pretty serious as well as relentless in carrying out their orders. Detailing on the armor and the ragged remains is well done, and all four of these Oriental undead are different.

Don’t forget to visit Iron Wind Metals at www.ironwindmetals.com [1] to check out the rest of their vast array of products. Be sure to tell ‘em Bill at Flames Rising sent you.

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