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SAW Movies and Creepy Dolls

Posted By Matt-M-McElroy On January 26, 2008 @ 8:33 am In Resources | No Comments

The Saw movies have been pretty popular with horror fans for the last several years. Popular enough for a fourth movie [1] to hit the shelves recently (and don’t forget the special edition of the first three movies [2] that came out in October).

There are plenty of tie-products as well, including hats [3] and t-shirts [4] of course. I think my favorite though is the SAW Plush Doll [5] from Sideshow Collectibles.

SAW plush doll [6]In the films Saw, Saw 2, and Saw 3, audiences were horrified as the villain crafted elaborate puzzles and ‘games’ for his victims. To communicate with his victims, the jigsaw killer would often communicate through a very eerie puppet, with dark eyes and vivid red markings on its pale white face. The Saw Puppet is now available in ‘cute’ plush form, perfect for the Saw fan in your life, or to add to your collection!

I think it is great when tie-in products go beyond posters and t-shirts. Fans like to have something fun and interesting from their favorite movies and tv-shows. Novelizations and Video Games are cool, but they also have their own “entertainment value” for the reader/gamer on their own. I’ve known plenty of folks who collect Action Figures and Plush like crazy. Hell I’ve got a couple different versions of Cthulhu [7] creeping around the office and Monica has an epic battle between Spike [8] and Thor [9] going on by the bookcase. Sometimes its fun just to have something. Even “adults” get to enjoy their toys now-n-then.

So, what about you?

What is your favorite movie tie-in product?

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