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Spectrum Games releases Slasher Flick RPG

Posted By Flames On March 23, 2009 @ 4:15 pm In News | 1 Comment

[1]Spectrum Games is pleased to announce the release of Slasher Flick [1], the role-playing game that brings the thrills and chills of the “psycho killer” horror movies from the screen to your tabletop.

According to Cynthia Celeste Miller, “As with any of our games that emulate a particular genre or medium, Slasher Flick was designed to reflect every aspect of the source material. This isn’t a universal system. It was created specifically to feel like a slasher film in play. And I’m extremely confident that the game does exactly that. One of the most important keys to capturing the feel of the slasher movies was the implementation of something we call ‘kill scenes’. A kill scene begins when the killer appears in any given scene and ends when the character(s) present drops to below zero survival points (death) or gains a total of eight survival points (escape). Survival points are gained and lost by making crucial stat checks throughout the kill scene. So, you have this constant give and take, with the character(s) gaining and losing survival points, which puts you on the edge of your seat. Sometimes, though, the kill scene is over as soon as it begins, just like in the movies. You’ve seen it before: the killer appears and slaughters the victim right off the bat. Players take on the roles of multiple characters, though, so if one character dies, they won’t be sitting around with nothing to do.”

Slasher Flick can be purchased at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [1] for $7.99. A print version will be available from lulu.com within the month.

About Spectrum Games:
Spectrum Games was founded in 2001 and has since published many products, including Cartoon Action Hour, Omlevex, Tomorrow Knights, Midway City and Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2, some of which have been nominated for various awards. Visit us on the web at www.spectrum-games.com [2].

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