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Splintered City: Seattle & Demon Seed Collection

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Two new Demon: the Descent supplements from Onyx Path Publishing!

    Splintered City: Seattle

    [1]Seattle is a fractured city, split between history and modernity.

    The Unchained can stumble through rifts in time and space and wind up decades in the past. Why Some failed experiment of the God-Machine? A side effect of human ingenuity? Or are the splinter timelines in the City of Flowers a deliberate design, leading up to something greater still?

    Splintered City: Seattle includes more detail on the alternate timelines described in Demon: The Descent, as well as a host of story hooks and characters for use in your chronicles. Also presented are brief suggestions on what Seattle might hold for the other denizens of the World of Darkness.

    Splintered City: Seattle is available now in PDF and Softcover at the Flames Rising RPG Shop [1]!

    Demon Seed Collection

    [2]Come in from the Cold

    The Demon Seed Collection presents five cities from across the globe for use in your Demon: The Descent game.

    Encounter the tick-tock men of Baltimore, or uncover the secret workings beneath the Bosphorous Bridge in Istanbul. Go Hollywood and find the Machine enmeshed in the politics of mass media. Visit Prague, where redemption may be only a betrayal away. And escape Sydney… once a place of freedom for the Unchained, and now their prison.

    The Demon Seed Collection includes:

    – Five cities from around the world, shown from the demonic perspective.
    – The secret factions and occult mysteries of the Unchained.
    – An adventure for each city, in the style of The God-Machine Chronicle.

    The Demon Seed Collection is available now in PDF and Softcover at Flames Rising RPG Shop [2]!


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