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Steamworks at RPGNow!

Posted By Flames On April 11, 2008 @ 6:57 am In News | 1 Comment

Now available from 12 to Midnight!

Ever wish you could just toss a grenade into a room full of orcs? Or wish you had an automaton to scout out a booby trapped hallway? Or that you could let your fantasy characters explore the ruins of an ancient, technologically advanced civilization? If you’ve ever wanted to introduce a little bit of steampunk into your fantasy campaign, then you want Steamworks [1]!

[1]Steamworks [1] is your ultimate guide to adding steampunk-style inventions, gadgets, gizmos, machines, and devices into your fantasy setting.

This 165 page guide offers new classes, new skills and feats, new magic, new creatures, and of course new technology! From caltrops that whiz along the ground in random patterns to mechanical automatons that do your bidding, Steamworks shows you how to include as much or as little technology as needed to spice your campaign.

When you buy the Steamworks PDF [1], you’ll get:

* Chapter 1: Technological Classes
* Chapter 2: Skills & Feats
* Chapter 3: Technology
* Chapter 4: Devices
* Chapter 5: Spells & Powers
* Chapter 6: Characters
* Chapter 7: Integration
* Chapter 8: Technological Items
* Chapter 9: Monsters

This download includes two versions in PDF: a “full version” and a “printer friendly” version. Look for Steamworks and other great 12 to Midnight products at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [2].

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