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The Ghost of Halloween Past Looks Back at Monster Madness

Posted By Flames On October 2, 2009 @ 1:07 pm In Flames Rising | No Comments

Hello, horror fans. As the ghost of Halloween past, I feel it is my duty to remind you that the past is sometimes more enticing than the present.

This time last year, FlamesRising.com offered you a series of treats that came in a variety of flavors.

Throughout October, several horror authors and game designers lent a hand (and even a finger or two) to record their tales describing a broad range of monsters — including ghosts not unlike myself.

The idea behind the Halloween Monster Madness collection, was not only to provide you with a dark glimpse into the strange and bizarre minds of these writers, but also to get you in the mood to celebrate a monstrously good Halloween.

To help jog your spotty memories, I’m offering you a second chance to take a trip back through the gossamer cobwebs, to last year’s Halloween celebration. Give these fine stories a read, won’t you?

Halloween Horror Flash Fiction Series

Reflections [1] by Jess Hartley
The Deep-Seated Bogey [2] by Will Hindmarch
The Meh-Teh [3] by Jason L Blair
The Hollow Wee’ Un [4] by Matt Forbeck
The Fogcrawler [5] by Jason Thorson
The Scarecrow [6] by Bill Bodden
Bykovsky’s Letter [7] by Malcolm Craig
Skulkers-in-the-Piles [8] by David Hill
The Killer [9] by Chuck Wendig
The Lost Girl [10] by Matt M McElroy
The Room [11] by John Wick
Corpse Bug [12] by John D. Kennedy
The Kragethogil and the Reapers [13] by Monte Cook
Red Head [14] by Filamena Young
Cheap Labor [15] by Jared A. Sorensen
Quisivore [16] by Eddy Webb
Quinkana Prodigius [17] by Scott Lette
Hounds of the Morrigan [18] by Alana Abbott
Glaring Hunter [19] by Jeff LaSala
Biting Water [20] by Preston DuBose
Babylonian Mummy [21] by Monica Valentinelli
The House Spider [22] by Richard Dansky
Tabbinius Cats [23] by Eloy LaSanta
The Werewolf of Bedburg [24] by Jason L Blair
Wastelands Stalker [25] by Jensen Toperzer
Heamogoblin [26] by Gregor Hutton
Tear-Drop Rattler [27] by Joe Rixman
Jimmy Sparks [28] by Todd Cash
Massapoag [29] by Jason Morningstar
Falling for Her [30] by Jess Hartley
Cob’s Ladder [31] by E. E. Knight

Are you looking over your shoulder yet? If not, I’d like to share with you a new monster in honor of last year’s collection. This yeti comes to us from an artist named Jason Moody, who’s colorful work can be seen in the horror comic SCARLET VERONICA [32].

Yeti | Flamesrising.com

In addition to the Halloween Monster Madness collection, the folks at FlamesRising.com slaved over poorly-lit candles to bring you news, articles, reviews and other interesting goodies. After talking to the ghost of Halloween present, I happen to know that they’ll be providing more tricks and treats for you this year. From costume articles to free horror movies and a few, “fun” surprises, be sure to keep your eyes peeled and your flashlight ready. While Halloween 2008 was definitely one to remember, it appears that this year’s holiday may be even better.

I’m afraid that’s all the time I have. For whatever reason, this definitely seems to be my busiest time of year. After all, there’s a lot of people out there who haven’t even carved their pumpkins yet. I guess it’s time to give them a push in the right direction.

Scare thee well, horror fans. Scare thee well.

Photo Courtesy of ThadZ [33] on Stock.xchng.

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