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Two Lovecraftian Kickstarter Projects

Posted By Matt-M-McElroy On April 27, 2011 @ 3:14 pm In Blogs | No Comments

I’ve recently discovered two very cool looking Lovecraft inspired projects on Kickstarter.

The first is the Unisystem RPG called Eldritch Skies [1] from Battlefield Press.

The future is here. Machine-made telepathy, augmentations, and unprecedented levels of automation have changed the face of Earth. But the science of sorcery, and our primitive understandings of what lies outside, have changed more than our minuscule planet. They’ve begun to let humanity out.

We walk amongst giants. Tread carefully.

Cinematic Unisystem is best known as the game system for the Buffy: the Vampire Slayer [2] and Army of Darkness [3] RPGs. Eldritch Skies is written by John Snead, whose work has appeared in numerous games from White Wolf, Cubicle 7, Posthuman and other publishers.

The second project is Through a Glass, Darkly [4] a new novel written by Delta Green co-creator Dennis Detwiller.

It’s January 2001. The Delta Green agents code-named Cyrus and Charlie get the call: A young boy dead and buried for years has reappeared, healthy and happy, as if no time at all had passed and the disease that killed him had never been. The family thinks it’s a miracle, but Delta Green has seen too many miracles turn to madness. Cyrus and Charlie must discover what horrors lurk behind this one.

If you’ve read Detwiller’s previous Delta Green novel, Denied to the Enemy [5] or played the Delta Green RPG you know the great kind of story that is being offered here.

You can find plenty of great information about each project at the links above and if you are so inclined, toss in a few dollars as a supporter of the project(s) of your choice. I’ve backed both of them and am very much looking forward to reading the finished books when they are done.

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