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Don’t Miss the Weekend Warrior Sale at DriveThruComics.com

Posted By Flames On April 24, 2010 @ 6:36 pm In Promotions | No Comments

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What do Paul Revere and Johnny Saturn have in common with Judge Dredd? They’re all on sale right now at DriveThruComics.com [4], your first downloadable comic shop.

All you have to do is visit DriveThruComics.com [4] to enjoy an automatic twenty percent savings on select comic book downloads now through midnight on Sunday. There is no minimum purchase and you don’t have to enter any coupon codes to participate in the Weekend Warrior Sale [5]. Prices normally range from ninety-nine cents for a single issue to twenty dollars for a graphic novel or exclusive collections.

Publishers included in the sale range from Archaia Entertainment, Coscom Entertainment, 2000 A.D., AAM-Markosia Press, Heske Horror, Caliber Comics and several more! Here are just a few of the awesome digital comic books you can download at an automatic twenty percent off:

In addition to offering several comic book series in the Weekend Warrior Sale, DriveThruComics is also offering a few additional items at an automatic discount. Gamers fans will want to take advantage of this exclusive offer, because you can download items like the highly-acclaimed Mouse Guard RPG [18] for only $15.99 or the Mutants & Masterminds setting Wild Cards [19] for $18.36. As a special bonus, the Judge Dredd RPG [20] from Mongoose is 50% Off during this sale!

Want something to listen to while you read your new comics? Check out the selection of tunes from Bailey Records [21] that is included in this weekend’s sale!

To take advantage of the Weekend Warrior Sale [5], just head on over to DriveThruComics.com [4] and choose from hundreds of titles on sale through Sunday.

DriveThruComics.com [22]

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