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White Wolf at the ENnies!

Posted By Flames On July 30, 2008 @ 9:27 pm In News | No Comments

2008 ENnie Awards

The ENnies voting server [1] is up and running, and the virtual booth will be open from July 28th until Wednesday, August 6th.

White Wolf encourages everyone to take a few moments and participate in the awards process. Voters are tracked by IP address, and limited to one vote per individual, tracked by IP. To cast your vote, please click on the Ennies link below.

We are pleased and proud to remind everyone that the following products have been nominated:

Scion: God – Best Cover Art
Art of Eve – Best Regalia
Changeling: The Lost Quickstart – Best Free Product
Changeling: Fearmaker’s Promise – Best Electronic Book
City of Brass – Best Setting , Best d20
Monte Cook’s World of Darkness – Best d20
Changeling: The Lost – Product of the Year, Best Interior Art, Best Production Values, Best Writing
Lords over the Damned, the Ventrue Clanbook – Honorable Mention: Best Production Values, Honorable Mention: Best Supplement
Scion Companion: Tuatha – Honorable Mention: Best Electronic Book

What are the Ennies?
Annual Gen Con EN World RPG Awards (or ENnie Awards) are annual, fan-based awards for role-playing game products and publishers hosted at Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana. The name of the award is derived from the EN World web site that has hosted the awards since their inception in 2001.

Cast your vote! Tell your friends to vote!

http://www.ennieawards.com/voting/index.phtml [1]

Fanboy/girl’s Dream Date Auctions

The annual GenCon EN World RPG Awards are a celebration of excellence in table-top RPGs. So what better way to celebrate than sharing the table at the awards ceremony with your favourite game designers and publishers? Or if a designer can’t make it that night, how about representing them at the ceremony? All winners of the Dream Date Auctions enjoy reserved seating at the tables close to the stage with the publishers.

White Wolf Scion Dream Date

Grab a seat with Eddy Webb and Production Manager/Art Director Matt Milberger for the ceremony and score a full set of Signed Scion Books (the entire run of 3 books: Hero, Demigod and God), a swank T-shirt, the Scion Demo, and a Scion Poster. Finally, the winner gets an invite to the exclusive and famous annual White Wolf Party at Gen Con!

Bid at eBay.com [2]

White Wolf Changeling Dream Date

Join Changeling Developer Ethan Skemp, Art Director Aileen Miles and our writers as they wait anxiously at the ceremony and score a full set of Signed Changeling Books (the entire run of 6 books!!), a swank T-shirt, the Changeling Demo, and a Changeling Poster. Finally, the winner gets an invite to the exclusive and famous annual White Wolf Party at Gen Con!

Bid at eBay.com [3]

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