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10 New Systems to Try for X-mas in July

Posted By Travis Legge On July 19, 2019 @ 11:59 am In Blogs | No Comments

The annual Xmas in July sale is on at DriveThruRPG [1]

This is a perfect time to try out some new game systems without breaking the bank. Here is a list of ten new systems to try for X-Mas in July.

1. Basic Witches [2]

Basic Witches cover featuring a disposable coffee cup with a pentagram on it. [2]

Basic Witches is a freeform larp about a coven of suburban witches attempting to hex a politician–but only if they’re able to move past their interpersonal conflicts long enough to complete the ritual. For 4 to 6 players (including a player-facilitator) it lasts 2-3 hours including two 30 minute workshops, it’s designed to be a lighthearted, wry commentary on contemporary culture but still contain the possibility of bonding and catharsis between characters. Looks fun and is less than a dollar! Give it a shot!

2. OneDice Universal Revised [3]

OneDice Universal Revised cover depicting a fantasy, superhero, and sci-fi character on a starry background. [3]

OneDice is a fast and easy RPG system designed to be applicable to a number of genres, suitable for ages 10 and up. The core rules are supplemented by a number of setting manuals from publisher Cakebread & Walton [4]

3. Heroine [5]

Heroine cover depicting a woman speaking to a blue-skinned humanoid fantasy creature [5]

Described as a game about a young girl with a chance to be heroic, Heroine provides tools and a system to delve into wondrous fairy tale and fantasy stories in the vein of Labyrinth or Alice in Wonderland.

4. Wormwood, A Game of Angels [6]

Wormwood, A Game of Angels cover image depicting a number of angels in the sky [6]

The product listing for Wormwood, A Game of Angels describes it as “Collaborative roleplaying and dice-less mechanics that use the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues to naturally incorporate the inevitable fall from grace attendant with walking among mortals make Wormwood a game to remember, whether you use it for just one night or a whole campaign! Use your divine grace wisely, because if you fall here and now, there is no-one to catch you – but whole hosts will be waiting to shoot you down…

Wormwood, A Game of Angels is a printer-friendly, dice-less, GM-less game that fits on just two sides of A4, so no need to flick through a rulebook during play – just get straight on with the story! Designed for groups of 3-6 players and equally suited to one-shot and campaign play, Wormwood is great for new and experience roleplayers alike.”

5. Strain [7]

Strain cover depicting a demonic character wreathed in shadow. [7]

Strain is a core rules system focused heavily on conveying survival horror. The Strain does not contain a setting in itself, but is used in the Xas Irkalla [8] setting by Atramentis Games [9].

6. One Foot in the Grave [10]

The One Foot in the Grave cover depicting a shadowy zombie with blood spatters [10]

One Foot in the Grave is an RPG exploring a zombie outbreak in a retirement community. Everything about this sounds amazing, reminiscent of the film Bubba Ho-Tep.

7. Okult [11]

Okult cover depicting a copse of dead trees [11]

Okult is a GM-less storygame in which the players collaborate to explore the sinister secrets of a shared hometown in present day scenes and flashbacks.

8. Princess of the Universe [12]

The cover of Princess of the Universe depicting a woman in an egyptian inspired headdress with a pyramid in the background. [12]

Princess of the Universe is a standalone, extensively playtested system from designer Rose Bailey that focuses on telling Action Figure Fantasy stories such as those featured in the He-Man and She-Ra cartoons.

9. Wicked Tales RPG [13]

The cover of Wicked Takes depicting an owl. [13]

In this rules-lite RPG you play faeries, wolves and owls facing down witches and evil faeries. This game favors creative choices over complex rules.

10. Witch: Fated Souls [14]

The cover of Witch: Fated Souls showing a woman in and out of Death's Head makeup [14]

Witch: Fated Souls is a modern RPG in which players assume the roles of a coven of the Fated, who sold their soul to demons in exchange for arcane power. Create potions, explore the planes, and work magic in this mysterious world!

Try something new from this list today!

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