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13th Age expansion book: 13 True Ways Kickstarter

Posted By Flames On August 29, 2012 @ 11:45 am In News | 1 Comment

13th Age [1] is a new story-focused, dungeon-crawling, owlbear-fighting roleplaying game co-designed by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet with art by fantasy illustrators Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell. It features:

A d20-style system that has familiar classes (fighter, rogue, barbarian, etc.) but with unique features that make them distinctively fun to play
Gridless, free-flowing combat
An Escalation Die rule that keeps battles fast and exciting by giving characters an escalating combat bonus the longer they fight
Innovative, story-driving character rules such as icon relationships, backgrounds and One Unique Thing, that enable GMs and players to co-create the world

Now that the core game is available for pre-order, Rob, Jonathan, Lee and Aaron want nothing more than to keep working together and create the first expansion book for 13th Age. But they they need your help to do it. That’s where the 13 True Ways Kickstarter [2] comes in.

If this campaign meets its funding goal, they can cheerfully turn down other rent-paying freelance projects and focus on what they love best: designing and illustrating more great monsters, magic items, locations and NPCs for you to use either with 13th Age, or easily adapt to your favorite fantasy RPG. Yes, just as you can with 13th Age itself, you can treat 13 True Ways as a collection of house rules for your game of choice.

Then, when the book is complete, 13 True Ways will be released by 13th Age publisher Pelgrane Press in a full-color edition with the same high production values as the core game.

You can get PDFs of both the core game and the expansion at the $55 level, or both hardcover books at the $99 level! Want more? You can get an exclusive T-shirt and specially branded dice, not available in stores, at higher levels. Would you like your ideas to be part of 13th Age? You can contribute a Dungeon, Monster, or NPC to the book!

Find out more information and back this project at Kickstarter.com [2]!

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