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Two New Vampire: The Masquerade Anthologies from Onyx Path

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Onyx Path Publishing continues its support of the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Vampire: the Masquerade Role-Playing Game. Vampire has always been loved by its fans for the rich setting filled with tragic anti-heroes and horrifying villains among the damned. Throughout the game’s history White Wolf and now Onyx Path have published a variety of novels and anthologies allowing authors to explore that setting even further. Here are two new Vampire anthologies exploring both the Dark Ages and the Modern Nights.

The Cainite Conspiracies Anthology

Step back into the Dark Ages…

…into a time when the clans, high and low, battle for blood and power.

Welcome to The Cainite Conspiracies

This collection of short stories inspired by the 20th Anniversary edition of Vampire: The Masquerade Dark Ages features tales by Vampire developers such as Justin Achilli, Eddy Webb, David A. Hill, Jr., and Neall Raemonn Price along with award-winning horror authors including Maurice Broaddus, Catherine Lundoff, and Richard Dansky.

Editor: Monica Valentinelli

The Cainite Conspiracies Anthology is available now in eBook and Softcover editions at DriveThruFiction.com [1]!

The Endless Ages Anthology


Twenty-five years of Vampire: The Masquerade

Twenty-five years of storytelling, adventure, and exploration. In celebration, we bring you eighteen authors that explore the evolution and development of the world of Vampire. From tales of wanton diablerie to the fulfilling of centuries-old religious vows, lover’s sacrifices, and searches for truth. Peel apart the layers and discover the endless ages of beauty and betrayal.

Celebrating 25 years of personal horror, the eighteen stories in Endless Ages range in style and aesthetics from the very first edition of Vampire released in 1991, all the way to the latest books put out for the 20th Anniversary Edition.

“The Becoming” has stories grounded in the lonely struggle for morality. “Gothic-Punk” stories focus on sensuality and the conflict between young and ancient vampires. “Signs of Gehenna” shows what happens to Kindred society as it teeters on the edge of apocalypse. Finally, “Modern Nights” juxtaposes all of these concepts to present a comfortable illusion of status quo in a world of conspiracy.

The Endless Ages Anthology is available now in eBook and Softcover editions at DriveThruFiction.com [2]!


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