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5 Tabletop RPGs for a Horrifying Halloween on Sale at DriveThruRPG!

Posted By Travis Legge On October 22, 2019 @ 2:55 pm In Blogs,News,Promotions | No Comments

The annual Halloween Sale is on at DriveThruRPG [1]!

With 25% Off these titles, it is the perfect time to try something new and spooky to truly terrify your players!

 1. Little Fears Nightmare Edition [2]

Little Fears Nightmare Edition cover depicting three children in a dark room with a flashlight, surrounded by monsters. [2]

In this game you assume the role of children being haunted and hunted by monsters that the adults do not believe in. It is up to you to win the day, survive, and maybe save your friends.

2. DeScriptors RPG: Definitive Edition [3]

Three worlds are shown: a steampunk blimp approaching a cliffside, a massive desert with dragons in the sky, and a woman in red commanding a horde of zombies [3]

This word-bidding micro RPG contains a number of pre-built worlds with a fast, fun and immersive rules engine. Among them is a beautiful paring with Cthulhu Mythos inspired horror!

3. Bluebeard’s Bride [4]

A man with a blue beard embraces a woman in a white dress who gazes up at him in fear. [4]

This PBtA horror story allows you to “explore Bluebeard’s mansion and create your own beautifully tragic version of the dark fairy tale”

4. Beyond the Firelight Deluxe [5]

A raven perches on a rock in a foggy courtyard. A barely visible building lurks in the background. [5]

Beyond the Firelight is a storytelling, tabletop roleplaying game of historical horror. It gathers its influences from traditional folklore and stories that kept the people from straying off the moral path or going out at night. ” Don’t go into the woods!

5. This Town is Full of Monsters [6]

A black cover with red and white text. A crude, white outline of a small town skyline along the bottom of the image. [6]

This collaborative storytelling game uses group imagination and descriptors called Tags to allow a troupe to build a spooky supernatural story in a small town, reminiscent of Twin Peaks or Stranger Things.

Step into the darkness with one of these tabletop rpgs today!

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