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Call for Excerpts: Promote your Novel!

Posted By Flames On March 3, 2014 @ 10:37 am In Flames Rising,News | 1 Comment

Since 2003, FlamesRising.com has supported first-time novelists and veteran authors through our interviews, reviews, and excerpts. Our chapter previews, which are hosted with permission, are one of the most popular features of our website.

Some of our Fiction excerpts and previews include:

Amortals [1] by Matt Forbeck
A Taste of Blood and Roses [2] by David Niall Wilson
The Girls with Games of Blood [3] by Alex Bledsoe
Bone Magic [4] by Yasmine Galenorn
The Conqueror’s Shadow [5] by Ari Marmell
Ex-Heroes [6] by Peter Clines
Pallid Light: The Waking Dead [7] by William Jones
Gamer Fantastic [8] edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes
Angelology [9] by Danielle Trussoni
This is My Blood [10] by David Niall Wilson
The Mermaid’s Madness [11] by Jim C. Hines
Dark Knowledge [12] by Keith Pyeatt
Legacy [13] by Tom Sniegoski
Demon Mistress [14] by Yasmine Galenorn
Blood Grove [15] by Alex Bledsoe
Hater [16] by David Moody

We also support media/tie-in fiction and our readers enjoy previews from Dungeons & Dragons and the Forgotten Realms. On our site, we host previews from books like these:

The Sentinels [17] by Bob and Geno Salvatore
Aldwyn’s Academy [18] (Excerpt) Nathan Meyer
Nocturne [19] by L.D. Harkrader
The God-Catcher [20] by Erin M. Evans
Gold Dragon Codex [21] by R.D. Henham
Shadowrealm: Shadows Deepen [22] (Excerpt) by Paul S. Kemp
Shadowrealm: Abelar Corrinthal [23] (Excerpt) by Paul S. Kemp
Shadowrealm: Riven and Cale [24] (Excerpt) by Paul S. Kemp

If you’re an author (or publisher) seeking an outlet to host your horror, dark fantasy, or dark science fiction excerpt, we invite you to join FlamesRising.com.

Since we are a website, it’d would be helpful if you saved your excerpt in a format conducive to the web. To add your preview to this feature on our site, please review our Submission Guidelines and use the Contact Us [25] page.

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[1] Amortals: http://www.flamesrising.com/forbeck-amortals-preview

[2] A Taste of Blood and Roses: http://www.flamesrising.com/taste-of-blood-roses-preview

[3] The Girls with Games of Blood: http://www.flamesrising.com/girls-games-blood-preview

[4] Bone Magic: http://www.flamesrising.com/galenorn-bone-magic-preview

[5] The Conqueror’s Shadow: http://www.flamesrising.com/conquerors-shadow-excerpt

[6] Ex-Heroes: http://www.flamesrising.com/ex-heroes-preview

[7] Pallid Light: The Waking Dead: http://www.flamesrising.com/pallid-light-preview

[8] Gamer Fantastic: http://www.flamesrising.com/gamer-fantastic-preview

[9] Angelology: http://www.flamesrising.com/preview-of-angelology

[10] This is My Blood: http://www.flamesrising.com/this-is-my-blood-preview

[11] The Mermaid’s Madness: http://www.flamesrising.com/mermaids-madness-preview

[12] Dark Knowledge: http://www.flamesrising.com/dark-knowledge-preview

[13] Legacy: http://www.flamesrising.com/preview-of-legacy

[14] Demon Mistress: http://www.flamesrising.com/preview-of-demon-mistress

[15] Blood Grove: http://www.flamesrising.com/blood-groove-preview

[16] Hater: http://www.flamesrising.com/david-moodys-hater-chapter-one

[17] The Sentinels: http://www.flamesrising.com/the-sentinels-preview

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[20] The God-Catcher: http://www.flamesrising.com/the-god-catcher-preview

[21] Gold Dragon Codex: http://www.flamesrising.com/gold-dragon-codex-preview

[22] Shadowrealm: Shadows Deepen: http://www.flamesrising.com/shadowrealm-preview-shadows-deepen

[23] Shadowrealm: Abelar Corrinthal: http://www.flamesrising.com/new-shadowrealm-preview

[24] Shadowrealm: Riven and Cale: http://www.flamesrising.com/shadowrealm-snippet

[25] Contact Us: http://www.flamesrising.com/contact/

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