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The Collection of Horrors has Begun!

Posted By Flames On April 11, 2009 @ 1:49 pm In Promotions | No Comments

Looking for ideas for your Hunter game? The Collection of Horrors [1] is an anthology of Storyteller tools inspired by the Horror Recognition Guide [2] that you can either use in conjunction with the Guide or as part of your existing Hunter: The Vigil chronicle.

Each story kit in the Collection of Horrors [1] (which you can buy individually, as a bundle or as a subscription) contains variety of appropriate tools; usually an SAS scene, a character with a character sheet, and props ranging from maps and reports to print out and hand to your players, to short imbedded audio files that you can play at your gaming table. These kits represent a collection of evocative story tools that you can write a story around, drop into an existing SAS or even string together. They aren’t stories in their own right, but rather pieces that you can snap together into whatever shape you want. Using the Guide can add even more props and ideas to this anthology, but it’s not required to use the various story kits in the Collection of Horrors [1].

White Wolf will be releasing each story kit over the course of the next several weeks. You can check out the Introduction to the Collection of Horrors [1] for free and look into the first few installments (Razorkids [3], Host of the Clutter [4] and The Man with the Gray Beard [5]) now.

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