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CthulhuTech: Burning Horizon now available!

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Somewhere, It Burns…

[1]The sands of time slip through the hourglass. The New Earth Government mounts a desperate initiative against the Migou’s seat of power. Those that police the ar- cane underground face an invisible foe. The Disciples of the Rapine Storm descend through the ashes to assault the Land Down Under. A deadly plague suddenly grips the citizens of the New Earth Government. And an unexpected ally returns from the void, a light in the darkness.

The end carries on. Welcome to 2087.

Discover how humanity attempts to find a technological edge. Continue to be shocked by the on-going internal Nazzadi conflicts. Discover that for which the Migou have been scouring the Outback. And, unfortunately, something perverse is born within the sacred arcane circles of the Esoteric Order of Dagon – some that makes the Chrysalis Corporation very angry. All while problems like the growing street crime carry over from 2086. Explore a year in the Strange Aeon or lose yourself in the lies and pretend it isn’t happening.

Nowhere else will you find a setting like this.

CthulhuTech: Burning Horizon is available now in PDF and Print formats at DriveThruRPG.com [1]!


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