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Dabel Bros. to publish “Dog Eaters” manga!

Posted By Flames On July 14, 2008 @ 7:17 am In News | No Comments

Brand new original manga-style comic book series, based on the Award-winning screenplay by Malcolm Wong

Dabel Brothers Publishing is excited to announce the manga-style adaptation of Malcolm Wong’s award-winning screenplay, Dog Eaters. Malcolm’s screenplay won three awards at the Screenwriting Expo5 in Los Angeles. The story has been adapted by Sean J. Jordan, and features stunning manga-style pencils from Chilean illustrator, Guillermo A. Angel.

Dog Eaters tells the tale of a world 175 years after the “Die Off” – a catastrophe that occurs when the balance of world economic, political, and ecological systems is upset by an oil crisis that spins out of control, eventually wiping out 90% of the world’s population. The survivors in the U.S. Southwest travel between casino-cities in armored caravans made up of old semi-trucks and motorcycles, on the lookout for bands of “Roaches” – fierce desert bandits descended from the inmates of maximum security penitentiaries. As the title declares, the nomads of this world aren’t afraid to eat wild dog when necessary; survival in this dangerous world has meant sacrificing a few of our civilized niceties. And that is one of many tough decisions the main characters of the story, known as the “Black Dog Clan,” are forced to make to keep their clan alive.

“I wrote this story as a way to express my dismay and fear that mankind’s current addiction to materialism will topple contemporary civilization,” explained Malcolm Wong. “Oil is required for everything we do — everything that we take for granted. So imagine what would happen if we failed to transcend the Petroleum Age. The worst-case scenario: a second Dark Age and return to barbarism. But that’s just the back story for Dog Eaters, which portrays a family of the Black Dog Clan in this new future.”

The Dabel Brothers first picked up the rights to this story as part of a prize package at the Screenwriting Expo 5 in Los Angeles. The Dabels agreed to adapt the winning screenplay into a 6-issue comic book miniseries and an accompanying graphic novel collection.

“Dog Eaters was a big surprise for us,” said Ernst Dabel, President of Dabel Brothers Publishing. “I read the title, and I said to myself, ‘I want to read more. I want to know why it’s called Dog Eaters.’ And as this production has progressed, I was really impressed with the wonderful job Guillermo Angel is doing of bringing this story to life.”

“There will be a preview edition later this summer, available at the San Diego Comic-con and Malcolm Wong will be there to help spread the word. We’ll be making many more announcements about this book as the release date nears,” said Les Dabel, Vice President of Dabel Brothers Publishing. “We think it’s going to fit in just fine with our licensed material, and we’re certain people are going to be just as blown away by this story as we are.”

The series will debut in Fall 2008 as a 6 issue miniseries, with a preview coming this summer at San Diego Comic-con. For more information about Dog Eaters please visit www.dogeaters-manga.com [1].

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