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Dark Ages: Gangrel Review

Posted By Flames On September 25, 2004 @ 6:55 pm In Fiction | No Comments

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Written by Tim Waggoner

Jürgens armies under the sign of the Black Cross march out to conquer the east. Against them stand the vile Tzimisce ruled by the Voivode of all Voivodes: Count Vladimir Rustovitch.

But not only those stand in the way of Jürgens men, between their home and the Voivodat lies Livonia, a fierce, primal territory ruled by Quarakh the Untamed and his horde of Gangrel. By his side there is Deverra, High-Priest of Telyavel and Tremere renegade.

Jürgen sends out Alexander of Paris to propose a pact or slay Quarakh. But Alexander has different plans. With Quarakhs help he is about to subdue first the Tzimisce and Jürgen, then march against Paris to claim what is rightfully his. When Quarakh declares he is not interested Alexander decides to kill the barbarian, but has no knowledge of Deverra and her liege Telyavel what will give Quarakh a great advantage.

A really interesting novel, especially the difference between the fierce and wild Gangrel and the “civilized” Ventrue conquerors. The description of Quarakh’s customs and leadership is incredible as are the conflicts between the warring parties.

A glimmer in a dark age this novel brings on the fourth storyline, the conquering of Livonia and is a great base for the following novels.

Absolutely recommendable.

Reviewer: Daniel Moritz

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