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Down the Road: On the Last Day Review

Posted By Flames On April 19, 2007 @ 7:22 pm In Fiction | No Comments

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Written by Bowie Ibarra
Review by Kody Boye

The prequel to this book did itself good by creating a story that made itself stand out, but with the sequel, the book seems to jut out on the bookshelf with a bloody and violent cover, one that official says, ‘Do not be alarmed, everything is under control . . .’

How’s that for drawing somebody into the book? Ibarra makes sure that people read by introducing a lot of interesting characters, and from where George leaves off, we enter the tale of a whole mix of other characters that introduce the reader to a variety of different survivors. There’s women who are as tough as nails, men who are corrupted by the savage tenacity of a brutal world, and a young child who believes himself to be his favorite cartoon character when things get bad. Ibarra is able to tell a good story, just like he did in the first book, he shows us how tough it would be to survive in such a world. Zombies are constantly lurking, and with FEMA still on the loose as they try to put the survivors in contained, dangerous encampments–which are meant to protect them–the world is even a more dangerous place than it had been before.

Down the Road: On the Last Day is violent, bloody, erotic and sexy with a whole lot of trouble mixed into it. Read the book, because as we all know, They’re coming to get you.

Reviewer: Kody Boye

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