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A Secret History Unearthed. A Legendary Horror Walks Again.

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[1]Presenting an epic improvised campaign for Night’s Black Agents Roleplaying Game. Do your Agents have what it takes to face the Lord of the Undead himself?

The Dracula Dossier follows in the fully improvisational path of the award-winning The Armitage Files [2] campaign. Players follow up leads in the margins of Dracula Unredacted [3], a rare edition of Bram Stoker’s masterpiece that reveals the terrifying truth behind the fiction. They’ll chase down the real characters from Stoker’s novel, their descendants in the present, and the British agents caught in the backblast. Directors combine these leads and notes with pre-prepared elements in the Director’s Handbook [1], including:

– Conspiracy nodes, eerie locations and vampiric beasts
– More than 60 supporting characters in vampiric, heroic, or in-between versions
– Different versions of the real Mina Harker, Abraham van Helsing, and the other stars of Stoker’s novel — and their modern-day successors, descendants, and survivors — who can drive the story in any direction the players look.Sample spread (Carfax)

Players choose which leads to track, which scarlet trail to follow. The Director, using the clear step-by-step techniques in this book, improvises a suitably blood-soaked thriller in response to their choices. Clear advice to players and Directors on improvisation, with extensive examples and guidelines, helps you set the scene. Together, you will read and write your own unique version of the Dracula Dossier. Follow the clues to end the story once and for all, and close Project EDOM forever. You will find, hunt, and kill Dracula, the king of the vampires. If you survive.

The Dracula Dossier: Director’s Handbook is available now in PDF format at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [1]!

Also available now from Pelgrane Press:

[3]Take your players on the greatest vampire hunt in history—more than a hundred years in the making.

Dracula is not a novel. It’s the censored version of Bram Stoker’s after-action report of the failed British Intelligence attempt to recruit and control the perfect asset — the ultimate weapon — Count Dracula. Kenneth Hite and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan have restored the deleted characters and redacted information, inserting annotations and clues left by three generations of MI6 analysts. This is Dracula Unredacted [3].

This new edition of Dracula adds new letters and recordings, diary entries long thought lost, and documents suppressed by Her Majesty’s Government … until now. From the first tentative contact between British intelligence and the un-dead, to the werewolf of Walpurgisnacht, to the cataclysmic disappearance of Dracula in volcanic fire, read the story you’ve known for years … for the first time.

Dracula Unredacted [3] does for the Dracula Dossier what Henry Armitage’s letters did for The Armitage Files [2] or The Book of the Smoke [4] for Bookhounds of London [5].

The Dracula Dossier: Dracula Unredacted is available now in PDF format at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [3]!

The Dracula Dossier: Director’s Handbook and The Dracula Dossier: Dracula Unredacted are both available as stand-alone PDFs, or get 15% off as part of the Dracula Dossier Bundle [6] or the Dracula Dossier Starter Kit [7] with the Night’s Black Agents core book.


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