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East Texas University – Savage Worlds

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Students at East Texas University have a few more challenges than other students–balancing parties, studies, and saving the world!

They say ETU is a great place to earn a quality education without the big city distractions and dangers. This is the 21st century and no one wants to admit they’ve helplessly watched a classmate get sucked into the pages of a library book, come face-to-face with an angry ghost, or glimpsed a creature prowling the campus by the light of the full moon.

College is where you make your own choices and find out who you really are. You can keep your head down, hoping to avoid the twisted horrors you sometimes catch out of the corner of your eye, or you can face your fears, fight the darkness, and protect your campus. Everyone starts out as a wide-eyed freshman, but if you survive four years at ETU you’ll be a hero.

The Books

The ETU line debuts with two, 96-page, full-color books in our graphic novel format. We expect to deliver the PDFs in July. Assuming the Kickstarter is successful, the physical products should ship no later than November.

The core book, East Texas University, offers a well-rounded syllabus of character creation, new Edges & Hindrances, gear, Setting Rules, and tours of campus and nearby Pinebox, Texas. For advanced credit, read the section on rituals and talismans. Finally, the Adventure Generator and encyclopedia of miscreants is sure to light a creative spark in even the most humorless campus parking enforcement officer.


    The second book, Degrees of Horror, includes a full-length Plot Point Campaign designed to take your class from Freshmen to graduation—if they survive! We can’t say much about the plot, but suffice to say it’s a Big Deal for Pinebox…and maybe beyond. Degrees of Horror also features a full course-load of Savage Tales that work equally well with the Plot Point Campaign or your own epic saga.


      The Game Master’s Screen

      This tri-fold screen features a scene of chaos on campus on the player’s side, and all the important charts and tables for the game on the GM’s side. It also includes a full-length 32-page adventure by Ed Wetterman—we’ll give you details and show you the cover in one of our first updates.


        When students at East Texas University talk about surviving college, they mean it…literally!

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