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Expand the Chronicles of Darkness with Enemy Action and the Beast Players Guide!

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Onyx Path Publishing has just launched two new PDF titles for the Chronicles of Darkness game lines!

Night Horrors: Enemy Action for Demon: the Descent [1] [1]

“Fighting the Machine is like fighting the ocean. You literally cannot hurt it. Doesn’t matter how much poison we dump into the ocean. We’ll only kill the things in it. We’ll never kill it. Same with the God-Machine. Kill angels, traitors, stigmatics, cultists, cryptids, whatever, you’ll never hurt the Machine Itself. No, that doesn’t mean we stop trying. You stop trying, you drown. Screw that.”

—Mr. Bliss, Guardian Inquisitor

Night Horrors: Enemy Action includes:

– Dozens of Storyteller characters, including Unchained, angels, exiles, cryptids, and stigmatics, for use as antagonists, allies, or just inspiration
– Multiple plot hooks and story seeds for your Demon: The Descent chronicles
– A brief look at cults in Demon, including the Ten Thousand Names of God, a secret society fueled by the God-Machine

Night Horrors: Enemy Action is available now as an Advance PDF at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [1]!

Also available now from Onyx Path Publishing:

Beast Player’s Guide for Beast: the Primordial [2]

“You know what’s out there? No, you don’t. Stop trying to list them off. Yeah, yeah, you’ve met the vampires and the werewolves and the ghosts and so forth, but you haven’t seen a hundredth of what’s really there. Look, I’m not shaming you. I’m trying to make a point. You don’t know. You never will. There’s no complete picture, no magic moment where you see the whole truth and get to yell “ah-ha!” You don’t know. I don’t know. We never will. That’s really a good thing, my sister, because it means there’s so much yet to see.”


The Beast Player’s Guide expands on the material presented in Beast: The Primordial, with additional information on the Families and Hungers, what it feels like to be a Beast and experience the Devouring, and how to commune with the Dark Mother. You’ll also find two new Families and two new Hungers!

The book also includes a plethora of new Atavisms, Nightmares, Merits, and Birthrights, as well as systems for creating smaller, subservient versions of the Horror, new forms of Inheritance, and details on the mysterious Obcasus Rites.

Beast Player’s Guide is available now as an Advance PDF at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [2]!

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