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Epic Role Playing update from Dark Matter Studios

Posted By Flames On October 23, 2009 @ 9:04 am In News | No Comments

[1]Dark Matter Studios, producer of the well-received fantasy rpg Epic Role Playing [1], has released its latest offering, the Mark II Edition of its Game Manual. Weighing in at over 300 pages, the Game Manual, Mk II contains the complete Epic RPG ruleset, as well as a continent-sized setting (the high feudal realm of Rullaea), and a sample bestiary with a tantalizing selection of monsters and animals. Additionally, the authors have incorporated a host of improvements and new content to the ENnie Award nominated system (Best Rules, 2008).

“We’ve added some great new stuff to the game,” commented Kent Davis, one of the two principal designers. “We’ve streamlined parts of the character generation system, but still provided a number of new opportunities for fleshing out characters. We also simplified character growth, pumped up our faculties system and added a boatload of depth to our tactical play, which has already planted its flag as a fan favorite.”

The Game Manual still provides everything necessary to plop down and start playing Epic RPG immediately – rules, magic, setting and creepie crawlies – as well as some great GM advice, the exhaustive treasury (we love tables!), glossary, index and many, many quick reference boxes to make any rules consultation just a momentary break in the action.

Owners of the original Epic Game Manual are still robustly supported on the Epic website and forums, and Dark Matter has provided a free emendations PDF available for download on its website, so anyone with the original books will still be able to rock some adventure with new Mark II owners.

Offering a system that is flexible and realistic, Epic RPG still retains enough opportunities for death-defying heroism to satisfy the wildest imagination. Highlights include classless character design that integrates characters into their society through culturally defined professions; elegant and choice-filled combat; unique magic with disciplines such as the arcane science of metaphysics and the body magic called shen; a flexible skill system based on talent that allows players to customize their character’s growth with skills, specialties, masteries, and grandmasteries; and a fantasy setting abundant with disparate races, astounding civilizations, and captivating geographies.

In both soft- and hardcover, the Epic RPG Game Manual, Mk II is available for purchase immediately from the Epic Role Playing store [2] and at selected retailers.

“Epic Role Playing… for some folks it may be the Holy Grail that they’ve been searching for.” – flamesrising.com

“Epic has definitely won itself a favored spot on my bookshelf.” – rpgblog2.com


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