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Jewel Of The Scavenger Lands Bundle for Exalted Available for a Limited Time Only

Posted By Flames On December 6, 2008 @ 6:35 am In News | No Comments

White Wolf and RPGNow have made a new PDF offering available today. This week delve into the Epic Fantasy with the Jewel of the Scavenger Lands [1] bundle for Exalted.

Forged from the shattered remains of the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate and tempered in the fires of war, the so-called Scavenger Lands continue to stand in defiance of the tyranny of the Realm, as they have done for eight centuries. Ranging from mighty Lookshy in the west to the eclectic Hundred Kingdoms in the east, the states of the former River Province offer a treasure trove of First Age wonders, minor dominions and mortal followers for the returned Solar Exalt willing to risk the wrath of the Seventh Legion to claim them.

Compass of Terrestrial Directions Vol. I–The Scavenger Lands
Includes: Mass combat stats for the Seventh Legion and for other Confederation forces, as well as dominion stats for the Mandate of Heaven. • Stats for the Scavenger Lands’ native gods and beasts.

Daughter of Nexus
The First Exalted SAS ia all about a god-blood is about to become more important than the Emissary himself. With powers both mortal and immortal seeking her, what¹s a lonely little child of the past to do? Will she find hope in the arms of the circle, or suffer a long, slow descent into death¹s cool embrace? When all is said and done, what stories will she tell of your legend?

These materials normally retail for $31.98 (USD). Sale price: $14.99, savings of 53%.

The Jewel Of The Scavenger Lands bundle is available at RPGNow.com [1].

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