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Pledge for my Extra Life Fundraiser and Get Scarred Lands Rewards!

Posted By Monica Valentinelli On October 5, 2018 @ 1:13 pm In Blogs | No Comments

[1]Hi everyone! I am pleased to announce two exciting things today! I will be at Special Guest at GameHole Con [2] from Thursday, November 8th to Sunday, November 11th. During the show, I’ll be running a playtest of a Ravenloft campaign I’m working on for DMsGuild.com [3], putting in some booth time for Onyx Path Publishing, attending panels, and playing games.

To help sick kids, I will be playing a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game that’ll be live-streamed during the show. The fundraiser is called Extra Life [4], and it allows me to customize rewards for your pledges.

This is my first year fundraising for the event, and I’ve opted for two tiers; one that allows you to help customize my D&D character, and the other for Scarred Lands. Onyx Path Publishing has graciously offered to sponsor Scarred Lands RPG rewards for different pledge amounts. If you recall, the new edition of Scarred Lands is now available and employs D&D 5E rules. This setting is something I love dearly, and I really enjoyed co-developing the Dagger of Spiragos [5] and Ring of Spiragos [6] adventures. That’s why I’m offering a free copy of a new Scarred Lands adventure I’ll write for the Slarecian Vault [7] as one of the rewards, too.

The best part about this campaign? Everyone I’ve talked to is very excited and super invested in this fundraising event. There are no recommended pledge amounts, but if you’re tight on funds please take a moment to share my Extra Life participant page. Thanks!

Check out the fundraiser page at Extra-Life.org [4] for details!

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