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Flames Rising is happy to host a collection of Horror & Dark Fantasy fiction from large publishers and small press, new authors and experienced freelancers and everything in between. We have agreements with a handful of publishers to host fiction based on the worlds they have created ranging from Contested Ground Studiosa|state [1] to Apophis Consortium‘s Obsidian: the Age of Judgement [2] and a host of other settings. We also have sneak previews and excerpts of upcoming Horror & Dark Fantasy novels from time to time.

The fiction collection on Flames Rising will be listed by setting or series. Just click the “more…” link below for a complete list of the good reads we have to offer…

Halloween Horror Series:

Reflections [3] by Jess Hartley
The Deep-Seated Bogey [4] by Will Hindmarch
The Meh-Teh [5] by Jason L Blair
The Hollow Wee’ Un [6] by Matt Forbeck
The Fogcrawler [7] by Jason Thorson
The Scarecrow [8] by Bill Bodden
Bykovsky’s Letter [9] by Malcolm Craig
Skulkers-in-the-Piles [10] by David Hill
The Killer [11] by Chuck Wendig
The Lost Girl [12] by Matt M McElroy
The Room [13] by John Wick
Corpse Bug [14] by John D. Kennedy
The Kragethogil and the Reapers [15] by Monte Cook
Red Head [16] by Filamena Young
Cheap Labor [17] by Jared A. Sorensen
Quisivore [18] by Eddy Webb
Quinkana Prodigius [19] by Scott Lette
Hounds of the Morrigan [20] by Alana Abbott
Glaring Hunter [21] by Jeff LaSala
Biting Water [22] by Preston DuBose
Babylonian Mummy [23] by Monica Valentinelli
The House Spider [24] by Richard Dansky
Tabbinius Cats [25] by Eloy LaSanta
The Werewolf of Bedburg [26] by Jason L Blair
Wastelands Stalker [27] by Jensen Toperzer
Heamogoblin [28] by Gregor Hutton
Tear-Drop Rattler [29] by Joe Rixman
Jimmy Sparks [30] by Todd Cash
Massapoag [31] by Jason Morningstar
Falling for Her [32] by Jess Hartley
Cob’s Ladder [33] by E. E. Knight

Pinebox, Texas:

Halloween and Fall Fest [34] by Preston DuBose
Buried Tales of Pinebox [35] edited by Matt M McElroy

Other Fiction Previews/Excerpts:

Amortals [36] (Excerpt) by Matt Forbeck
A Taste of Blood and Roses [37] (Excerpt) by David Niall Wilson
The Girls with Games of Blood [38] (Excerpt) by Alex Bledsoe
Bone Magic [39] by Yasmine Galenorn
The Conqueror’s Shadow [40] by Ari Marmell
Ex-Heroes [41] by Peter Clines
Pallid Light: The Waking Dead [42] by William Jones
Gamer Fantastic [43] edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes
Angelology [44] by Danielle Trussoni
This is My Blood [45] by David Niall Wilson
The Mermaid’s Madness [46] by Jim C. Hines
Dark Knowledge [47] by Keith Pyeatt
Legacy [48] by Tom Sniegoski
Demon Mistress [49] by Yasmine Galenorn
Blood Grove [50] by Alex Bledsoe
Hater [51] by David Moody

Dungeons & Dragons and Forgotten Realms:

The Sentinels [52] (Excerpt) by Bob and Geno Salvatore
Aldwyn’s Academy [53] (Excerpt) Nathan Meyer
Nocturne [54] by L.D. Harkrader
The God-Catcher [55] by Erin M. Evans
Gold Dragon Codex [56] by R.D. Henham
Shadowrealm: Shadows Deepen [57] (Excerpt) by Paul S. Kemp
Shadowrealm: Abelar Corrinthal [58] (Excerpt) by Paul S. Kemp
Shadowrealm: Riven and Cale [59] (Excerpt) by Paul S. Kemp

Tales of the Seven Dogs Society:

Lifting the Gingham Veil Excerpt [60] by Jim Johnson

Bestial: Werewolf Apocalypse:

Chapter One: Part One [61] by William Carl
Chapter One: Part Two [62] by William Carl

Vampire Apocalypse:

Descent into Chaos Prologue [63] by Derek Gunn

General Horror Fiction:

The Final Kill [64] by Rob Stratman
Seed of Chaos [65] by Matt Harvey
A Different Kind of Treat [66] by Monica Valentinelli

Blood Games:

Teamwork [67] by El Zambo
Will of the Hunter [68] by Daniel Potter

Obsidian: the Age of Judgement:

Torment by Elizabeth Petersen
Glint [69] by Monica Valentinelli
Triad III: Annihilation [70] by Monica Valentinelli
Triad II: Absence [71] by Monica Valentinelli
Triad I: Presence [72] by Monica Valentinelli
Hal’s Story [73] by Crystal Mazur
Dark Mirror [74] by Elizabeth Petersen

Conspiracy of Shadows

Danel’s Blood [75] by Mike Holmes
Sacrifice Part V [76] by Monica Valentinelli
Sacrifice Part IV [77] by Monica Valentinelli
Sacrifice Part III [78] by Monica Valentinelli
Sacrifice Part II [79] by Monica Valentinelli
Sacrifice Part I [80] by Monica Valentinelli


Hunt [81] by Greg Saunders

Cursed Empire:

The Settlement [82] by Monica Valentinelli

Lacuna Part I

The Shark [83] by Jared Sorensen

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