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Favorite Horror Game Contest Wrap-up

Posted By Matt-M-McElroy On March 28, 2008 @ 8:59 am In Contest | No Comments

The Flames Rising Favorite Horror Game Contest wrapped up on the 15th and our special guest judge, Jason Blair (author of Little Fears [1] and The Long Count [2]), helped us sort through all of the great entries.

Don’t Rest Your Head [3], Chill [4] and Kult [5] were the top mentioned games. Great Cthulhu made a variety of appearances ranging from Arkham Horror [6] to Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition [7]. other games mentioned include Vampire: the Masquerade, Silent Hill, All Flesh Must Be Eaten and a|state.

Our amazing sponsors offered so many cool prizes that everyone who entered the contest was rewarded with at least one cool item. The judges awarded a few entries with extra prizes for creativity and content. E-mails have been sent and prizes shipped to those lucky folks. When you get the chance check out the Contest Prizes Spotlight [8] to see what was offered to the lucky contestants.

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