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Send a Friend to Gen Con Indy 2009!

Posted By Matt-M-McElroy On June 10, 2009 @ 1:09 pm In Contest | No Comments

[UPDATE: The Contest is closed and winners have been contacted. Thank You to our sponsors and everyone who submitted entries. Stay tuned for more contests later this year. See you at GenCon!]

In its 42nd year, Gen Con: Indy will be a convention to remember. Perfect for fans of anime, science fiction, gaming and a whole lot more, be sure to check out the GenCon: Indy 2009 Events [1] to see why this is one of the country’s best conventions!

Flames Rising has been attending Gen Con for several years and we’ve always had a great time. Last year, Flames Rising won a 2008 ENnie Award [2], too! Now we want to share the fun with our friends.

This year, Flames Rising is pleased to announce we’re hosting a Gen Con Indy 2009 contest to celebrate this year’s event. We have a very cool prize pack that includes a free, 4-Day pass to the convention and some gaming gear from some awesome publishers.

Since Gen Con is centered on friendship and fun, we want you to recommend a winner for our contest!

That’s right, this time it is all about sending your friend to the show. Simply tell us who you think needs to win a ticket to Gen Con Indy 2009 and why. We have a full 4-Day badge coupon for Gen Con Indy 2009 and think someone out there deserves it, it is up to you to tell who that person is. Please read below for details on the prize pack and how to enter. Good luck!

GenCon: Indy 2009 Prize Pack

We have graciously been offered items (games, music, books, etc.) from publishers and authors around the industry. Prizes include RPGs, eBooks, Posters, T-Shirts and more! Winners will be chosen from the best entries by Flames Rising staff and contacted via e-mail.

The Grand Prize winner will get a 4-Day Badge Coupon for Gen Con Indy and a bundle of other prizes from our generous sponsors including:

Shadows Over Filmland [3] from Pelgrane Press
Darklore Manor [4] CD from Nox Arcana
Exquisite Replicas [5] from Abstract Nova
Fear Effects [6] from 12 to Midnight
Grants Pass Anthology [7] from Jennifer Brozek
Blood Groove [8] from Alex Bledsoe
…and more!

Other winners will receive free books, music and other goodies. These secondary prizes are made possible by the generous sponsors listed at the end of this post. These winners will also be contacted via e-mail at the end of the contest.

Note: Neither Flames Rising nor the sponsors of this giveaway will provide transportation or hotel. We are only offering the 4-Day Gen Con Indy 2009 badge coupon and a selection of books, music and other prizes. The winner of the coupon is responsible for their own transportation and lodging during the convention.


Send us your recommendation via our Flames Rising contact [9] form. Let us know who you are and who you are nominating for the prize. We’d like to know why they should win the Gen Con Indy badge coupon. We recommend no more than 500 words per entry, but that is just a guideline.

Depending upon the number of entries we receive, we may post the top five entries in a follow-up post. If we do that, we will not post your email address publicly nor will we include your last name.


The deadline for this contest is midnight, Wednesday, June 24th.


We need to dust out a few cobwebs with these disclaimers:

(1) Must be 18 years of age or older.

(2) Limit one entry per person, not per email address. If we find out you used multiple email addresses, we will ban you from this contest, and every future contest we plan on having.

(3) Please provide a valid email address as part of your contact info. This information will be considered “private” and will only be used for contest purposes, unless you specify otherwise. Remember, since you’re recommending someone else for the contest, make sure that they have a valid email address or a way we can mail their prize to them.

(4) If you wish to recommend a winner anonymously (meaning you don’t want the person to know you recommended them), please submit your entry via the Flames Rising contact [9] form and note that in your entry. We will not reveal to the winner that you had recommended them.

(5) All decisions of the judges at Flames Rising are final. We reserve the right to reject any entry, including those that fail to follow the contest guidelines.

(6) Entries must be submitted to us via the Flames Rising contact [9] form. Any other entry that submitted to us by any other means will be disregarded.

(7) The winner will be announced no later than June 30th, 2009. Prizes will be postmarked within one week after the announcement of the winners, pending clear communication with the winners and a valid US mailing address.

(8) Flames Rising will be responsible for all US shipping costs related to the prize winnings.

(9) Flames Rising reserves the right to revise and/or update these rules and/or the overall Contest at any time and for any reason. (Changes usually happen because of new sponsors are added or legal counsel suggestion).


Flames Rising would like to thank these generous sponsors for donating prizes to this contest. Stop by their websites to check out some of the products they offer to fans of Horror & Dark Fantasy entertainment.

Gen Con LLCwww.gencon.com [10]
Abstract Novawww.abstractnova.com [11]
Pelgrane Presswww.pelgranepress.com [12]
Cubicle 7 Entertainmentwww.cubicle-7.com [13]
Nox Arcanawww.noxarcana.com [14]
12 to Midnightwww.12tomidnight.com [15]
Arzynart Multimediawww.arzynart.com [16]
Jennifer Brozekwww.jenniferbrozek.com [17]
Alex Bledsoedowninluckytown.blogspot.com [18]
DrivethruComics.comwww.drivethrucomics.com [19]
Wizards of the Coastwww.wizards.com [20]

Remember to send us your recommendation via our Flames Rising contact [9] form. If you have any questions the form can also be used to send them our way.

Good luck!

About Gen Con

Gen Con Indy [21] is the original, longest running, best attended, gaming convention in the world. For over 40 years, Gen Con Indy has been setting the trend and breaking records. Last year, more than 28,000 unique attendees experienced Gen Con Indy. The biggest complaint we hear is that there is simply too much to do, see, and experience. Get lost in a phantasm of art exhibits. Stare at jaw-dropping costumes, or better yet, wear one of your own. Meet the movers and the shakers in the gaming industry. Check out the newest games and get a sneak peek at the latest editions. Visit www.gencon.com [21] for more information.

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