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Give me the Brain! Review

Posted By Flames On October 23, 2004 @ 3:41 pm In Other Games | No Comments

Welcome to Friedey’s, the fast-food restaurant of the damned…

Give me the brain, my pants are on fire! Your pants burning up is just one of the many reasons why you, a fast-food zombie worker, need a brain. Sadly enough, there is only one brain for you and your three to eight friends to share. The “brain”, represented by a six-sided die, can get tossed around faster than yesterday’s side salad.

To start the game, everyone picks up a hand of cards. In your zombie’s hand you will find jobs to do, bid cards, and items. Bid cards allow you to bid on the brain. Some bids are more important than others. For example, “I have to make change” is not as important as “I have to make a Cheezabunga!” Whoever wins the bid, wins the brain. On each player’s turn you can either skip your turn by “loafing” on the job, or you can do your “job.” Jobs require different things. Some jobs like “Breakfast Rush” require the brain and a dice roll. Other jobs require one or two hands. These jobs can cause your neighbor pain and suffering by forcing them to give up the Brain or draw more cards. Other jobs can be an action with a special ability, like the object card “Rat Brain.”

The game, designed by James Ernest for Cheapass Games, is great for those who want to get in touch with their “inner zombie.” The object is simple, the zombie that empties his/her hands of cards first is the winner. Any zombie lurking out there will be happy to know that they don’t need a brain to learn the rules. While not specified, I should mention that this game could be played with the use of legal substances like sugar, alcohol, and lots of caffeine. This game is unlike other card games which require character creation or throwing down your opponent. You are also not required to by additional sets of cards or decks to play “Give me the Brain.” So it really is a “Cheapass” game.

Equally important to the ease of play is how the cards are drawn. “Give me the Brain” cards are color-coded according to function. The full-color art, created by Brian Sn?ddy, creates a fast-food ambiance for you and your friends. The zombies are green and oozing. Eyes pop out, tongues hang, and squirrels pop out of heads to say a friendly “Hello.” Sn?ddy did a great job combining entertainment with the disgusting. Every card is worthy of a chuckle or two, and greatly inspired my fellow playtesters to play the game in character. Martial arts fans will love the ninja zombie. My personal favorite is the image for “Give me the Brain! I have to count the Meat!” A smiley-faced zombie has a clipboard in one hand and a pencil prodding Sn?ddy’s interpretation of mystery meat in the other. The picture gave me the sudden urge to become a vegetarian.

“Look a Monkey! You distract the only Zombie who’s paying attention.” From great zombie-inspired quotes to clever card design, “Give me the Brain” is a unique twist on the average card game.

Well I hope you enjoyed your meal here at Friedey’s, the fast-food restaurant of the damned. Thanks for stopping by! And remember, tips are appreciate but not required. Have a nice afterlife.

Reviewer: Monica Valentinelli

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