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Previews of new Goodman Games RPGs!

Posted By Flames On January 4, 2009 @ 7:04 pm In News | 2 Comments

Goodman Games has posted details on their February and March releases!

GMG5060, 48 pages, $12.99
Level 7-9 adventure. In a world of arcane magic and divine might, some secrets are best left hidden. When the forces of the wicked Mountain King discover an eldritch weapon of unmatched power, the future of the Northlands hangs in the balance. Following in the wake of bloody, madness-induced slaughter, can the heroes prevail where an army has perished? Blood and madness are in store, for where Lord Ablair the Corruptor passes, death must surely follow. Only the most cunning and courageous of heroes can triumph against the Citadel of the Corruptor!
More info at http://www.goodman-games.com/5060preview.html [1]

GMG5060, 40 pages, $11.99
Level 10-12 adventure. The Shrine of Zongxian was once a force for good, ruled by an immortal being through a thousand incarnations. But arrogance and hubris laid the shrine low, and now evil sits atop the high mountain throne. Can your heroes stand against a force that has reigned since time immemorial? Or will they fall like those before them, their bodies cast from the high mountain walls, to break like dolls on the rocky plateau below? One thing is certain: only the most fearless and resourceful of heroes can hope to return from the Shrine of the Fallen Lama.
More info at http://www.goodman-games.com/5061preview.html [2]

GMG4704, 32 pages, $10.00
A level 4 adventure. A castle composed of darkness and shadow stuff has materialized at the edge of the duchy of Arnatha. Humanoid forms, cloaked in gray and darkness and wielding slender swords, emerge from the castle to conquer the surrounding farmsteads. Finishing moves, mooks, phat lewt, movie rights, and the Big Badass return in this edgy new Wicked Fantasy Factory adventure!
More info at http://www.goodman-games.com/4704preview.html [3]

GMG4412, 96 pages, $19.99
Herein you will find the Four Courts of the Fey, learn legends of their timeless magic, travel to their greatest cities, and hear tales of their ancient histories. For whether participating in their famed revels, taking part in their dread hunts, or beseeching their four courts, no hero treads lightly in the realms of the eladrin. Rich with culture, new magic items, monsters and character options, Hero’s Handbook: Eladrin is the essential eladrin player’s resource. Second in a complete line of PC aids, each brings character, history and new depth to your player character.
More info at http://www.goodman-games.com/4412preview.html [4]

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