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Home Is Where The Heart Is – Mage eBook Bundle

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Eddy Webb, AP developer, and RPGNow have made a new PDF offering available today. This week they are focusing on Mage supplements centered around the places of power, after all – Home is where the Heart is [1]. These materials normally retail for $33.98, but in PDF form for the next seven days, you can acquire them for $15.99.

Sanctum & Sigil
A sourcebook for Mage: The Awakening
* A detailed look at mage society and its sectarian politics, from its Hierarch leaders to its Sentinel enforcers.
* Reveals the inner world of mage sanctums and demesnes, anchors between the mundane world and the Supernal Realms.
• Details on the Protocols and Great Rights of mage cabals, and the laws of the Lex Magica presided over by the Consilium.
• Expanded rules for the sanctum, Hallows and ley lines, including new Merits and spells.
• Information on Seers of the Throne pylons and Banisher cults, including sample groups.

Lines of Power
The First SAS for Mage.
A mage’s Sanctum is his home, and the Hallow is the soul of it. When bereft of these two things, the mage is not only robbed of her sanctuary but also the Mana that replenishes her magic. Wars have been waged among mages for centuries over the right to call a Hallow their own, and bitter enemies have been forged from the fires of dying Sanctums. Now yours is on the line. What will you risk for the right to call a place home?

The Home is Where the Heart Is bundle is available at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [1].

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