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Magic: the Gathering Conflux Preview

Posted By Matt-M-McElroy On January 23, 2009 @ 7:29 am In Previews | 1 Comment

A powerful and infinitely sinister force is conspiring to reunite the Shards of Alara. This reunification will come with a deadly price – sheer chaos, as realities begin to overlap. Thus begins the Conflux.

Wizards of the Coast is releasing a new expansion to their popular Magic: the Gathering game. In addition to Puzzles [1], Launch Parties [2] and other events, the company has handed out a few preview cards to show off.

Here at Flames Rising we are happy to reveal this new card:

Stay tuned to the Magic: the Gathering website [3] for more previews, news and other updates.

In additional to the new cards, be sure to check out the new novel by Ari Marmell called Agents of Artifice [4].

It is the dawn of a new age in the Multiverse. The balance of power is shifting and Agents of Artifice brings readers to the heart of a planeswalker struggle…

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