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Midwinter Gaming Convention Board Game Library

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The Best Games are Played in the Dead of Winter

    Midwinter Gaming Convention is a 4 day convention held each January in Milwaukee, WI. Started in January of 2000, this event was founded on a Classic World of Darkness Live Action Role Playing game (LARP), and over the years grew to become a full gaming convention offering everything from Tabletop RPG’s, CCG’s, Miniatures, LARPs and of course, Board Games.

    At this point in we have decided to create and curate our own Board Game Library. In this way we can be fully assured that the services offered our Board Game guests are everything we expect to offer as a convention. We can maintain consistency and continue to grow toward a future of improving and expanding our Board Game track.

    Board Games are incredibly important and directly reflect the goals of Midwinter to be able to bring people together to interact face to face. They teach cooperation, strategy, critical thinking skills and even how to graciously accept a win or loss. Overall Board Games are an integral part of our convention as a whole.

    PDF Perks

    Thanks to a few of our awesome publisher friends, we have a tier for $20.00 that will unlock a whole bunch of PDF options! You also can get this perk if you move to the bigger tiers as well!
    That is over $40.00 worth of free eBooks for backers!

    From Matt Forbeck:
    Dangerous Games: How to Play [1]

    From Onyx Path Publishing:
    Scion: Hero [2]

    From John Kovalic:
    Dork Shadows [3]

    From Flames Rising Press:
    Queen of the Crows [4]

    From Margaret Weis Productions:
    Firefly Echoes of War: Wedding Planners Cortex Plus [5]

    Find out more information and back this project at IndieGoGo.com [6]!

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