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New Storytelling Adventure System Website

Posted By Matt-M-McElroy On April 4, 2008 @ 12:14 pm In News | 2 Comments

White Wolf Publishing has recently put together a new Storytelling Adventure System website to feature the “Playable Stories for all White Wolf Publishing Games” series of products that we’ve been raving about here on Flames Rising (including a Mini-Reviews of Fear-Maker’s Promise [1] and Criminal Intent [2]).

Check out the new website: www.white-wolf.com/sas [3] for a look recent SAS releases as well as a revised SAS Guide [4] that is free to download. You can also get updated information on the Ratings & Format of the SAS products on the About SAS [5] page.

Lines of Power [6] was the most recent SAS release. Currently all of the SAS products are set in the World of Darkness, but I hear that Scion and Exalted SAS adventures are on the way. Stay tuned for updates on new releases and look for Storytelling Adventure System eBooks at the Flames Rising RPGNow Store [7].

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