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New Shadowrun at RPGNow

Posted By Flames On August 24, 2008 @ 6:23 am In News | No Comments

Three new Shadowrun titles are now available at RPGNow!

Unwired [1]


Unwired [1] is the advanced Matrix rulebook for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. For everyday users, it explains how the Matrix works in easy-to-understand terms, and provides new software, qualities, and gear. For hackers and technomancers, it introduces new hacking tricks, malware, echoes, and sprites. It also covers system security and new Matrix phenomenon, from AIs to the resonance realms.Unwired contains everything players and gamemasters need for exploring the Matrix in Shadowrun.

Runner’s Companion [2]


Life in the shadows has never been as dangerous, and runners need every edge they can get. Runner’s Companion opens up a world of expanded options for Shadowrun players with dozens of New Qualities, Advanced Contact and Lifestyle Rules, and handy tips on running, travelling and smuggling, and operating in a surveillance society.

This core book for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition also introduces Metavariants, Changelings, and the Infected as player character options, and expands the scope of the game to include unique non-metahuman characters such as Shapeshifters, Free Spirits, and a new generation of AIs among others.

Emergence [3]

An Evolutionary Upgrade

The Crash of 2064 ruined the lives of millions. Some died in the Matrix or went insane, many lost everything they owned, and still others found their identities completely erased. A small percentage changed into something altogether different, with the strange and inexplicable ability to affect the new Matrix with their minds. Now, in 2070, the existence of these technomancers becomes frontpage news, leading to widespread paranoia and witch hunts. The Emergence campaign setting involves the runners in a series of pivotal events that may change the way they view the world and the Matrix—and each other.

Look for these and other Shadowrun 4th Edition titles at RPGNow.com [4].

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