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News from my Front: New Stories and Games

Posted By Monica Valentinelli On March 10, 2011 @ 5:29 pm In Blogs | No Comments

Can’t believe a year has gone by since Leanne, Shari and I released The Queen of Crows [1], but there it is. This turned out to be an interesting endeavor, and taught us a lot about how e-books have a long way to go in terms of development. One of the first enhanced e-books to hit the web, it spent months in the top spot on DriveThruHorror.com [2] and has had several positive reviews. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be offered for the Kindle and other e-readers due to its image-heavy formatting unless we stripped out all the art, which is what we eventually did.

Since that release, I’ve been pursuing publication of short stories and other works over the past year. I’d like to share some of that news with you here. In honor of Read an e-book Week, links will primarily point to the digital version.

There’s more to come, on the fiction and the gaming front, but these are some of the highlights. Hope you get the chance to check out some of my work. Thanks!

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