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Neoplastic Press releases Pent: The First Gospel of Pandemonium

Posted By Flames On May 30, 2008 @ 8:05 am In News | No Comments

The first victim was found, mutilated beyond recognition, inside a bathroom. The door was locked from the inside. The second victim was torn to pieces, and the damage was so severe that the body was initially thought to belong to two victims. The coroner’s report indicated that cause of death was suicide. It’s going to be another one of those days…

Neoplastic Press is pleased to announce the release of Pent: The First Gospel of Pandemonium [1].

This 100-page sourcebook for Dread: The First Book of Pandemonium includes five ready-to-run scenarios (each of which features thoroughly fleshed-out locations, characters, evidence, and hostiles). Also included are eight short scenarios, six adventure hooks, stats for dozens of hostiles, and an updated weapons list.

Pent: The First Gospel of Pandemonium is available now through Lulu.com: http://stores.lulu.com/pandemonium [1]

Dread: The First Book of Pandemonium is a tabletop role-playing game of supernatural action. Set in a world of black magic, demonic possession, and gun-toting exorcists who operate outside the law, Dread is brutal, sinister, and darkly humorous. Created by video game writer/designer Rafael Chandler, Dread was originally released in 2002. The new (“Unrated”) edition features over 100 pages of additional material, all-new art and layout, and a revised rules system.

For a preview of Pent, download the full-length scenario Art Imitates Death (a 19-page PDF) here: http://www.dread-rpg.com/art-death.pdf [2]

You can also download a short scenario, Gloria In Excelsis Deo, here: http://www.dread-rpg.com/gloria.pdf [3]

For more information about Dread: The First Book of Pandemonium, please visit www.dread-rpg.com [4].

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