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Post Mortem Comic Studios at DriveThruComics

Posted By Flames On March 24, 2009 @ 1:31 pm In News | No Comments

Post Mortem Comic Studios is based out of western North Carolina, joining authors from the Southern Horror Writers Association with talented artists spanning the world. Some of the titles available at DriveThruComics include:

Magic Eight Ball [1]

A one-shot horror comic. Three teenagers test their fate in the words of a Magic Eight Ball when strange creatures threaten them.

Dorothy Rising [2]

Hatfield, Arkansas becomes terrorized by a government experiment gone wrong. A swarm of mutant insects takes control of the wind and destroys everything in their path. A plague of funnel clouds begin to form and lay waste to the town or so the town thinks.

Fever #1 [3]

A young boy unlocks a 200 year old curse upon a town. The sins of the town will come back to haunt the childern of the town.

Visit the Post Mortem Comic Studios [4] page at DriveThruComics for these and other titles today!

DriveThruComics.com [5]

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