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Samhane Fiction Review

Posted By Nancy On November 9, 2011 @ 11:35 am In Fiction | No Comments

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    Blood and Bare Bones Review:

    Story: A man’s purchase of a used computer leads to an unfortunate discovery. Soon, he’s on a mission to save his fiancee from the clutches of a madman and an insidious cult. But in the small town where she’s held captive, he discovers that nothing is exactly as it seems. Once he crosses paths with a father and son monster-hunting team, his world unravels. Death and dark magicks lurk around every corner.

    Characters: The characters are pretty solid. Donald, the protagonist, is believable as an ambitious and caring, if somewhat bumbling, man that eventually finds the strength to fight evil. Brian and Sam, the father-son team reminiscent of SUPERNATURAL, are favorites in this story. There are a host of other characters that are solidly written. The only problem is some of them aren’t present very long in the story, but that’s part of the suspense.

    Shockers: There are so many twists and turns in this story that you never quite know what’s going to happen (though there are a few predictable moments and character actions. Look out for those that seem as though they might save the day). On some levels that’s a bit of a disappointment, because it starts out as a pretty traditional and exciting horror/thriller/suspense tale. But traditional heroics don’t always pan out, and just when you get a bit attached to a character, they’re gone. But it does work overall for the tale, because, again, nothing is as it seems.

    Recommend: Yes. The middle gets a bit muddled, and some of the subplots get crossed at times, but that’s offset by the HOSTEL feel of some of the events that take place, as well as the suspenseful nature of the tale. Overall it’s an engrossing story.

    Review by Nancy O. Greene

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