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The Secrets of the Incarnae Revealed for Exalted

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[1]Three Glories of the Most High PDFs available now!

The Exalts of the Unconquered Sun, Luna, and the Maidens of Destiny have always known that the Incarnae have had an interest in them, but what is really known about the Incarnae themselves? The “Glories of the Most High” series reveals many secrets of these higher powers, and a slew of new materials to use in your Exalted series.

A PDF-Exclusive Series Book for Exalted

The entire series contains:

* Complete stats on the Unconquered Sun, Luna, and all five Maidens of Destiny
* Dozens of new Charms for use by Solar, Lunar, and Sidereal Exalts
* Additional secrets, rites, characters and errata for use in your Exalted game

The Glories of the Most High eBooks are available at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [2].

Also just released for Exalted:

Compass of Terrestrial Directions Vol. 5 – The North [3]

The fifth of five Terrestrial Direction books devoted to fleshing out the bare bones of Creation presented in the Exalted core book.

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